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I was first introduced to Dr. Fedorko, his staff and the wonders of chiropractic care in 2005. For years I had suffered from constant headaches and had come to accept them as a part of my daily life. But after my first appointment (and my first pain-free moments!), I felt like a new person. My whole family quickly became patients. 

I was excited to have the opportunity of joining FCHC staff. They are even greater when you get to know them personally. There are new things to learn on a constant basis and I look forward to many years ahead as both a patient and an employee.


I was first introduced to Fedorko Chiropractic Health Center in 2000 as a patient, discovering chiropractic care to be the perfect solution for my neck and low back pain. I was so impressed with the professionalism and knowledge the chiropractors and staff displayed, I always thought this would be the coolest place to work, a dream job. Ten years later, a few states later (work transfers via my husband), a few chiropractors later, I have had my dream come true. I know from personal experience the best chiropractors are right here, and it's an honor to work with such a great team!


I have been with Fedorko Health Center since 2013 and have learned so much about chiropractic care. I am the mother of two children and they keep me very busy. In my free time, I love to read, play soccer and participate in local 5k races.


I was blessed with the opportunity to join the staff at FCHC in 2012. I had some previous experience with chiropractic but very limited knowledge. I always desire to know as much as possible about what my specialty is and they have allowed me to open my eyes to an amazing world. We see people come to the office in so much pain they can hardly walk. I have seen them leave the office saying they haven't had that level of comfort most of their lives. I have a deep appreciation for an approach that gets to the root of the problem as opposed to dispensing more and more medications to treat symptoms. I have grown over the last couple of years personally and look forward to many more where I can grow as a person, promote this amazing practice, and become a healthier person while watching others discover what chiropractic has to offer.


I have worked at Fedorko Chiropractic for 2 1/2 years. I have been married for almost 18 years and have 2 kids. My son is 12 and my daughter is 9. My whole family has been under chiropractic care for over 12 years. We have all benefited greatly since the beginning of our treatment. Between my husband's various injuries, allergy issues for all of us, and minor sports injuries for my kids, our chiropractic care has been a huge blessing to us all.