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Standard Process Purification Detox Testimonials


At the early age of 27 I had my first heart attack and received a surgery called a "rotoblader" and it was extremely painful; it was to clean out my arteries. I was put on nitro-patches, blood pressure medicine and cholesterol beta-blockers. Switched cholesterol medicines quite a few times due to the "side effects" which were not pleasant to say the least. After awhile things became more intense with pain... [click here to read more!]


I just wanted to pop in and let you know how proud I am that I completed the "SP Detox and Purification" Challenge, and I feel wonderful! As you may recall, on one of my last visits, I mentioned how hard it was for me to get my waistline back! I exercise, eat healthy, but try as I might, I was unable to lose about 8-10 extra pounds, that have crept on my body, now that I'm past 55. I admit, I was nervous about beginning the program. ... [click here to read more!]


"What? I Can Fly???"    That's exactly how I began to feel as I went through the SP Purification plan for 21 days (plus). Cleansing was not a task as I thought it might be. Having cleansed for short terms before, I did well because I was prepared and determined. I was never truly hungry, just craving. Actually now that I am finished and have had a month or so pass... I actually enjoyed... [click here to read more!]


The SP Cleanse program is wonderful! I lost weight and completely stopped craving cigarettes for the first time in the three years since I quit smoking! This was very easy to stay on, especially with the e-mail support. I was also happy that there were no gastric "surprises" or upsets.


More Testimonials to Come!